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Oil Label - La Colombaia Agriresort, Tuscany

Custom baby rumper

Wovo Packaging

Wovo store - Via Savona Mil

Uniqlo - Piazza cordusio Milan

i-D vice mediagruop

neon design for Wovo store

Moose Knuckles custom jacet

campdesign gallery Dio c’è 

#scatti Marsel Paradise feat. Petra Valenti

Apple store Milan

The Northeners Los angeles - Something blue project feat. Agnes Fries

Illustrations that becomes Symbols 

CB made in italy - content creator for two years

Levi’s - customed trucker jacket unniversary

Garage Italia- customed jumpsuit 

Virgo, Rocket Milan club - design for 3 neon signs

Something blue, Jingdezhen china - tool porcelain project feat Agnes Fries

Pantheon Mag - illustration contribution

Sleep b&b - curtains and pillows

Private Yoga Classes - Surya namaskara poster

Mapi - content creator

customed baby rompers